How Does Bankruptcy Affect Retirement?

When a debtor has no alternative but to file for bankruptcy, they may get short-term relief from debt obligations, but the long-term effects are very real. Seeking out bankruptcy protection will remain on your credit record for as long as...
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What Property Can You Keep While Filing for Bankruptcy?

If you're asked to file for bankruptcy, you may have images of repo men coming into your home and taking your possessions, selling them to the bank, and leaving you empty-handed. This is a misconception of what happens when you...
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How to Choose the Right Utah Bankruptcy Lawyer for your Case

Choosing an attorney to help you file for bankruptcy is an important decision. Every state sets out different requirements. You must do your research and know exactly what to look for to choose the best bankruptcy lawyer for you.  After...
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Blue Bee Bankruptcy Voted Best Bankruptcy Law Firm in Salt Lake City

We are proud to announce that Blue Bee Bankruptcy has been voted the Best Bankruptcy Law Firm in Salt Lake City by Inbound Systems and the Best of SLC. Our experience and dedication to our clients is second to none....
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How to Stop Foreclosure Through Filing for Bankruptcy?

It’s no secret that the process of foreclosure can be an extremely difficult and frightening experience. Not only does it take a toll on your credit rating, but in some cases, it also forces you to give up your home...
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Can You Restore Your Credit After Bankruptcy?

Debt can happen to anyone. People from all walks of life, small businesses, and even large multinational corporations can suddenly develop so much debt, or money owed to other parties, that they cannot seem to pay back.  Common sources of...
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