When filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it is important to understand what bankruptcy exemptions are and how they will apply to your case.

In the case of Chapter 7, exemptions will determine what property you get to keep. For Chapter 13 cases, exemptions can help keep your repayment plan payments lower.

Bankruptcy exemptions are governed by both state and federal law. These laws determine what property that will remain off-limits to creditors and the bankruptcy Trustee.

Throughout the course of your bankruptcy case, if certain property qualifies as being exempt, it will remain your property during and after the case is closed.

Some examples of exempt property might include your home, your vehicle, your personal property and/or your pension.


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Utah Bankruptcy Exemptions

There are many confusing and complex rules that govern the use of exemptions in the state of Utah.

In many cases, the laws are so confusing that even some bankruptcy attorneys get it wrong.

At Blue Bee Bankruptcy Law, we understand all of the exemption laws. Attorney Chip Parker has spent decades dedicated to bankruptcy law, and is considered one of the best bankruptcy attorneys in Utah.

He has created a comprehensive report on bankruptcy exemptions in the state of Utah. This report can be downloaded at no charge by clicking the banner below.

The Chapter 7 lawyers at Blue Bee Bankruptcy Law can help you determine which state or federal exemptions you can use.



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