Our #1 goal is client satisfaction. As a client of Blue Bee Bankruptcy Law, here is what you can expect:

  • Responsiveness: We reply to all client communication promptly—within one business day, barring exceptional circumstances.
  • Participation: We give you notice of all meetings and court appearances in your case and allow you the opportunity to attend.
  • Deference: We defer to your goals throughout the representation.
  • Transparency: We advise you as to the probability of succeeding in your case and any reasonably predictable risk.
  • Confidentiality: We maintain all client confidences.
  • Information Access: We provide you with copies of all materials provided to us or prepared by us for your case.
  • Dismissal and Discipline: We acknowledge your right to dismiss us at any time and will provide you with information about how to file a Bar complaint.
  • Representation Agreement: We provide you with a written engagement agreement outlining the scope and objectives of the representation.
  • Fee Agreement: We provide you with a written fee agreement describing how fees and expenses will be computed, as well as the terms of payment.
  • Itemized Bills: We provide you with itemized bills on a regular basis describing the specific tasks performed, the name and title of the person who performed them, and, if billing by the hour, the hourly rate and time spent by each person on each task.
  • Lawyer Background: We inform of the education, training, and relevant experience of each lawyer substantially responsible for working on your case.
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