Are your monthly home mortgage payments delinquent?

Our legal team can work with your mortgage company to modify the terms of your original agreement or promissory note with a loan modification.

Blue Bee Bankruptcy lawyers have years of experience in successfully obtaining mortgage modifications for homeowners in distress.

So, do not just search for loan modification attorneys near me.

Instead, make sure you find a qualified expert bankruptcy attorney to guide you through this difficult process.

Mortgage loan modifications usually become necessary in two scenarios:

  1. The original terms of the mortgage are oppressive or unsustainable because of temporary or permanent reduction in household income.
  2. A life-interrupting event makes bringing the mortgage current impossible, even if the monthly mortgage payments are now affordable.

Any mortgage loan can be modified.

But understand that your mortgage company is usually under no legal duty to modify the terms of your loan.

The key is convincing the mortgage company that it is better off changing the mortgage than taking your home.

Adjusting Your Mortgage Payments

Changing the amount you owe on your payments is the most common mortgage loan modification that can be made by our team.

We negotiate new terms of the original note that is secured by your mortgage with the servicer of your mortgage loan.

Some loan modifications that can be made to your loan or mortgage include:

  • Temporarily suspending mortgage payments
  • Lowering monthly payments
  • Reducing the mortgage interest rate
  • Increasing the loan term
  • Reducing the principal of the loan

Seeking a Mortgage Loan Modification Before or During a Foreclosure

Most delinquent homeowners begin reaching out to their mortgage company long before they start the foreclosure process.

Mortgage servicers sound eager to work with borrowers, and borrowers usually feel a sense of relief when the mortgage company tells them modification is an option.

Unfortunately, the application process quickly becomes frustrating and overwhelming because it feels like the mortgage company changes the rules as the process progresses.

Likewise, servicers may give borrowers conflicting information, as well as make frequent requests for more information—including documents previously provided!

You are probably reading this right now because you have become fed up with the double-speak and outright fabrications.

You are not alone.

Our experienced loan modification lawyers will help get the negotiation back on track. We have done so for countless others and will for you as well.

Bringing the modification lawyers of Blue Bee Bankruptcy into the picture can put the negotiation back on track.

Mortgage Loan Modifications in Bankruptcy Court

Whether in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, homeowners can ask a bankruptcy court to require the mortgage company to participate in mediation for the sole purpose of exploring mortgage modification.

The law requires mortgage companies to participate in court-ordered mediation and to do so in good faith.

So, while this does not guarantee your mortgage company will give you a permanent modification, the chances of a modification are much higher than seeking a modification outside of bankruptcy.

Using Blue Bee’s Loan Modification Attorneys Ensures Legitimacy

The goal of a mortgage loan modification is to make the property more affordable for the homeowner.

Using an experienced loan modification lawyer usually reduces the processing time and error rates often encountered by homeowners who “go it alone.”

Blue Bee Bankruptcy Law’s knowledgeable attorneys offer a wealth of experience in working with different servicers, lenders, and homeowners.

Likewise, this experience allows us to create solutions that work for homeowners and lenders.

Blue Bee Bankruptcy helps clients save their homes, avoid foreclosure, and minimize damage to their credit by convincing lenders that they are better off modifying a borrower’s mortgage loan.

Let us review your mortgage agreement and financial situation so we can help you decide if a mortgage loan modification is right for you.

Blue Bee Bankruptcy Law modifies mortgages for clients throughout Utah. Contact us to learn more about the services we provide.

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