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Utah Bankruptcy Lawyers with more than 60 years of combined expertise in helping people eliminating debt & rebuilding good credit.

Our expert lawyers will guide you through your bankruptcy or foreclosure process while protecting your rights!

We don’t just eliminate your debt! We break the cycle of bad credit by rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy.

The Meaning of Blue Bee Bankruptcy (a.k.a. B3 Law)

Bees are a symbol of industry, perseverance, thrift, and self-reliance. But are bees blue for real, and if so, do they exist in Utah?

Not only are there blue bees in Utah (Osmia lignaria also known as the “Blue Orchard Bee”), they are 100 times more effective pollinators than the honeybee. In fact, it only takes 250 blue bees to pollinate an entire acre of apples or cherries.

The Blue Bee is a super bee!

When the B3 team views the debt-relief landscape, we see bees of a different sort ~ drones ~ the unimaginative bankruptcy lawyers focused on one thing ~ bankruptcy.

The drones fail to realize bankruptcy is just one tool in the toolbox. One tool rarely fixes a complicated issue, and bankruptcy alone never fixes consumer financial issues.

Like the Osmia lignaria, the Blue Bee Bankruptcy team is the best at what we do ~ solving your financial crisis.

We Take A Holistic Approach

That’s why we focus on your whole financial health ~ a holistic approach ~ by providing the tools to not just eliminate your debt but break the cycle of bad credit. We do this by enrolling you in our credit rebuilding program, whether you filed a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We are the only consumer bankruptcy law firm with an eye toward your life AFTER bankruptcy, and we don’t charge extra for this because it is the only way to truly fix the issue. Even if you found us after hiring another law firm to file your consumer bankruptcy, we can finish the job they won’t by enrolling you in our post-bankruptcy credit rebuilding program. Unfortunately, there is a cost if you didn’t file bankruptcy with us, but the value of this program will far exceed its expense. Early settlers of the Salt Lake Valley faced the daunting challenge of settling a mostly uninhabited desert land, and they drew upon the symbolism of bees for strength and resolve.

Many other westward journeyers passed over the Salt Lake valley, quickly declaring it uninhabitable, and instead electing to travel onto the seemingly greener fields of California and Oregon. But where others saw a desert wasteland, Utah’s first settlers saw opportunity. Experience with prior tribulation gave them a unique toughness and heightened perspective of the value of building something great from scratch. They were undeterred by the task of turning a desert into a blossoming community, even with few resources available to them initially. They recognized the success of their journey would be a reflection of their industry, perseverance, thrift, and self-reliance—the same principles that make bees successful. Appropriately, they named their newly settled territory the “Beehive State”.

The Beehive State Today

170 years later, Utah has established itself as one of the most prosperous and beautiful areas in the United States. The “desert wasteland” that prior generations largely passed over is now one of the country’s fastest growing states, ranked number one in percentage growth during the decade 2010-2019. Its people continue to practice the same principles and enjoy the same prosperity as those who went before them. However, no community, no matter the strength of its industry or the force of its perseverance, is free of economic casualty. The United States Bankruptcy Code was created to help the “honest, but unfortunate debtor.” Bankruptcy is not a problem. It is a solution.

We never counsel clients to file bankruptcy unless we are firmly confident it is the right step after considering the totality of their unique circumstances. For many, bankruptcy will be the best avenue on the road to full financial recovery. The problems that lead people to file bankruptcy are as vast as the people of the earth. Whatever pushed you into financial peril, it invariably involved at least some, and perhaps many, factors outside of your control. We do not judge your past. We do wish to help reshape your future.

Why Blue Bee Bankruptcy?

Blue Bee Bankruptcy chose its name to draw upon the same strength of the state in which it was founded.

We seek to transmit as much of that strength as possible to all who use our services. Separating ourselves from other bankruptcy firms, our services do not conclude when our clients receive a bankruptcy discharge.

In many ways, the bankruptcy discharge marks only the beginning of the journey we wish to take with you.

Those who join our “Hive” become part of a community of industry, perseverance, and self-reliance.

We are not satisfied until each client is restored to full financial health, a credit score worthy of home, car, and personal loans, and a renewed commitment, discipline, and skillset that ensures the bankruptcy we file on their behalf is the last bankruptcy they will ever experience.

Find out more about why Blue Bee Bankruptcy is the best Salt Lake City bankruptcy attorneys for your case: 7 Reasons Blue Bee Bankruptcy is THE Salt Lake City Bankruptcy Firm

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