7 Reasons Blue Bee Bankruptcy is THE Salt Lake City Bankruptcy Firm

Chip Parker, Esquire, founded Blue Bee Bankruptcy Law to serve Utah clients/consumers/small businesses and protect their legal rights in Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11. Banks, mortgage companies, credit card companies, payday lenders, title loan companies, and creditors all have attorneys lined up to represent their interests.  Our Salt Lake City bankruptcy attorneys only represent consumers and small businesses with money problems and have proudly done so for over 25 years.

Your Reasons to contact Blue Bee Bankruptcy Law:

Free Consultation.

While many Salt Lake City bankruptcy lawyers provide a free consultation, few do so within 24 hours of the request and, in many instances, on the same day.  Furthermore, few law firms provide a nationally recognized bankruptcy attorney with over 25 years of experience to handle the consultation.  At Blue Bee Bankruptcy Law, we also offer consultations in different formats, including free consultations in the office, by phone, and by video conference (Zoom, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, and other platforms).

Client Satisfaction.

Client satisfaction is our #1 goal. Lots of businesses say this, but we prove it every day:

  • Perfect 5.0 client rating with more than 50 reviews on Google.
  • Perfect 5.0 client rating with more than 80 reviews on Avvo.
  • Designated Platinum Client Champion by Martindale-Hubbell.
  • 4.9/5.0 Rating with more than 30 reviews on Lawyers.com.

We constantly refer to ourselves as “a client satisfaction company that provides outstanding legal representation.” We proudly publish our Statement of Client Rights on our website, and we insist that our clients hold us to high standards and expectations.


Unlike every other bankruptcy law firm in Utah, Blue Bee Bankruptcy takes a holistic approach to solving debt problems. Bankruptcy is just one tool in the toolbox, and our goal is to eliminate your debt while preserving your credit score. We want you to be financially healthy and self-reliant, and we help get you there by enrolling you in our credit rebuilding program.

Bankruptcy lawyers typically think they’ve done their job once their clients get a discharge. However, to maximize the value of your bankruptcy, you also need help rebuilding your credit because excellent credit is crucial to long-term financial independence. Blue Bee Bankruptcy doesn’t charge its bankruptcy clients for the credit rebuilding program – it’s free of charge.


Chip Parker, the founder of Blue Bee Bankruptcy Law, has over 25 years of experience representing consumers and small businesses. There is no other consumer bankruptcy lawyer in Utah with such esteemed credentials:

While there are several attorneys out there who have 5 to 10 years of experience, there is no substitute for the quarter-century that Chip Parker has put into representing thousands of clients.  He knows a thing or two because he’s seen a thing or two. Chip Parker has been there with his clients, resolving legal disputes when practical and litigating when necessary.

In addition, Paralegal Sandy Carpenter has more than 15 years of consumer bankruptcy experience, assisting clients gathering financial information and compiling their data into schedules. Though her work is reviewed by a Utah bankruptcy attorney, quite frankly, she demonstrates more bankruptcy knowledge than most lawyers. Her son, Phoenix, stays busy helping mom with colors and numbers.

Sandy and Phoenix


Blue Bee Bankruptcy Law proudly answers all of its calls and staffs its Downtown Salt Lake City office with skilled paralegals and personnel who are working on your case – We don’t outsource our legal work overseas.  Furthermore, your case at Blue Bee Bankruptcy Law will be handled from start to finish by a team of professionals led by its founding attorney – Chip Parker.  The firm also communicates with clients via text message, mobile phone, and e-mail.  At Blue Bee Bankruptcy, you will have direct access to the attorney you hire and get the help you need. Our clients continue to seek our advice for many legal matters long after we complete their bankruptcy case. If we can’t help with the new legal matter, we know the best Utah lawyers who can.

Practical Solutions.

The purpose of bankruptcy is to put the client in a better financial position in the short and long run.  Every financial situation requires a thorough analysis based on the facts and circumstances.  Chip Parker creates solutions to complex problems, always putting the client’s goals and expectations first.  Bankruptcy is not the answer or right move for every person, and we will never “shoehorn” someone into bankruptcy if it doesn’t fit.  Blue Bee Bankruptcy Law will only accept a case if it makes sense for the client to use our services.


The U.S. Congress designed the Bankruptcy Code to protect consumer and small business debtors if they implement it in the right way. One of the biggest misconceptions is that bankruptcy is just filling out forms. Nothing can be further from the truth. The best outcomes start with a comprehensive, pre-bankruptcy strategy.  At Blue Bee Bankruptcy law, we will help put in place the protections that are part of the bankruptcy code.  As a consumer or small business, you have legal rights, and at Blue Bee Bankruptcy Law, we will advise you of your rights and make sure that your rights are respected and honored.

Keep in mind that the free consultation does not obligate the potential client to hire Blue Bee Bankruptcy Law.  We also will not pressure you in any way to hire us.  At Blue Bee Bankruptcy law, we will advise you of your legal rights and options. One such option is to hire Blue Bee Bankruptcy Law to handle your case.

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