What to Look For in a Good Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

There is nothing more stressful than possessing a large amount of debt that is impossible to pay with your current income and payment plan.

To make matters worse, as you continue to miss payments the debt only grows, and it doesn’t take long before you find yourself in a deep financial hole with seemingly no way out.

However, when an individual in this situation files for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, they gain hope to take back control over their finances.

Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows individuals to create structured payment plans that better represent their financial situation, thus satisfying both the debtor and collection agencies.

However, in order to achieve a payment plan and experience relief from their debt, one must complete the laborious process of filing. This includes completing countless forms and complex litigation in court. 

Therefore, if you’re thinking of filing for bankruptcy, you must first seek the services of an experienced Chapter 13 Bankruptcy lawyer.

A good lawyer will assist and support you throughout the entire process. 

Look for Experience and Competence

When considering Chapter 13 Bankruptcy lawyers to represent your case in court, you should begin by asking perhaps the most crucial question: “In the past, have you represented clients in similar situations?”

This particular question is so important because in bankruptcy court experience matters. An incompetent lawyer can actually do more harm than good as they lack the knowledge to create payment plans that alleviate your financial hardships caused by debt. 

Your lawyer should likewise be confident and assuring when discussing the details of your case. If they seem incompetent, you’re better off continuing your search for the best lawyer elsewhere.

Legal Advice and Representation in Court

You should also expect your lawyer to provide you with competent legal advice throughout the duration of your case.

During the initial consultation, your lawyer will advise you as to which type of bankruptcy you need to file to accomplish your unique goals, what you can expect during the process of filing, and whether your case poses any risks or difficulties that you should be aware of before filing.

As the advice your lawyer gives can significantly impact the outcome of your case, sound and quality counseling is a necessity. 

Additionally, a good lawyer will represent you in court and file all required documents.

When filing for bankruptcy, either you or your lawyer is required to attend court hearings to discuss your options for repaying debt. Competent representation is vital, as the documents and information presented during court affect the type of payment plan you receive in the case’s conclusion.


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The Ability to Alleviate Your Burden of Debt

Above all, you should expect a competent lawyer to possess the expertise required to alleviate the burden of your debt.

To do this, they must thoroughly understand the process of negotiating payment plans with creditors, as well as reorganizing and editing rejected plans. 

Of course, developing a payment plan is the primary reason a debtor files for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Therefore, it is imperative that you and the creditor agree on a plan that not only allows for more manageable monthly payments but also the ability to continue affording your current lifestyle without liquidating assets.

If your lawyer cannot instill confidence in you that they can, in fact, accomplish this ultimate goal, keep searching until you find one who does. 

Do Not Go to Court Alone and Unprepared

When filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, do not go to court without legal representation.

Unfortunately, those who do decide to represent themselves in bankruptcy court often fall victim to the tactics used by creditors to create payment plans that only uphold their interests, leaving you in a similar situation to the one you were in before filing.

Instead, find an experienced and competent bankruptcy lawyer to assist in your case, and they will help you understand the complex litigation process in addition to creating a payment plan that works for you.

File Confidently With A Bankruptcy Lawyer

While your financial situation may be overwhelming, the process of filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy doesn’t have to be.

To ensure that you are following all requirements and creating a manageable plan that satisfies your interests and those of your creditors, enlist the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

With their expertise, you can develop the best financial plan for minimizing your debt and resuming your life.

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We strive to help our clients rebuild their lives and take steps toward a better financial future through filing. 


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