What Is a 341 Meeting in Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy offers many benefits to an individual with insurmountable personal debt. Bankruptcy offers a restart on your financial situation and removes the pressure of many debts.

It can be a daunting process for many individuals. Bankruptcy law is fairly complex and unique. The experience of going through a bankruptcy case is unlike other court experiences you may have. This is why navigating the process often requires the aid of bankruptcy lawyers. Bankruptcy lawyers are there to ensure that all financial documents are filed properly and help their clients understand the process.

Among the many unique features of a bankruptcy case is the 341 meeting, also known as the meeting of creditors. This meeting provides the court and creditors with a chance to review the terms of your bankruptcy case.

Bankruptcy Lawyers in Utah

When filing for bankruptcy, it pays to have the best bankruptcy lawyers in your area. A great lawyer will help walk you through the process and ensure all your documents are in on time. They will also help you rebuild your credit after bankruptcy, which is an often-overlooked challenge.

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What is a 341 Meeting?

Woman in a 341 meetingThe 341 meeting is one of the final formal steps in a bankruptcy case. As the debtor in your bankruptcy filing, your attendance at this meeting is mandatory. Your appointed trustee will be conducting the meeting. All creditors are invited to the meeting, but they rarely attend. The purpose of the meeting is to allow your trustee (and creditors) to review the terms of your case. You may be asked a series of questions relating to your financial plan. In the rare event that a creditor attends, they will do so because they have specific questions for you.

The trustee will use this meeting to verify all information pertaining to your case. This starts with a verification of your identity, so be sure to bring an official form of ID and your social security card.

Although no judge will be present, you will be under oath during your 341 meeting. Therefore the most important thing you can do at your 341 meeting is tell the truth. Most bankruptcy lawyers will prepare you for any questions you should expect during this meeting. This will give you time to prepare any responses you may be required to give. Typical questions can relate to the value of the property you own, or whether you expect to receive any additional income (from loans, insurance, tax refunds, etc.).

Scheduling and Attending Your 341 Meeting

You will receive notice about your 341 meeting in a court document. This document will list the time and address of your meeting. As noted above, you should bring an official ID to this meeting, and be prepared to answer questions honestly.

Typically, a trustee will have several 341 meetings scheduled around the same time. This means you may end up waiting for your turn on the day of the meeting. However, trustees are able to do this because a typical 341 meeting is relatively short. On average, a 341 meeting ranges between 5-10 minutes. In more complicated cases, they may go longer, but this is rare. As long as you are well prepared for your meeting, it should be over quickly.

Chapter 7 or Chapter 13?

You will be required to attend a 341 meeting regardless of which bankruptcy chapter you file under. For a Chapter 7 meeting, your trustee will use the opportunity to verify all information about your financial plan. In a Chapter 13 meeting, your trustee will also assess whether your restructured payment plan reflects your “best effort” to repay creditors.

One of your first steps when preparing to file for bankruptcy should always be to hire a trusted bankruptcy attorney. Contact Blue Bee Bankruptcy today to schedule a consultation.

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The best bankruptcy lawyers do not only help you navigate the legal process of filing for bankruptcy.

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