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Do you have student debt? Is it crippling your ability to move forward in life?

If so, you are not alone. Every year, millions of individuals battle student debt woes. They often feel there is no escape to an endlessly dark tunnel of debt.

Some hear that bankruptcy doesn’t help with student loan repayments and give it no further consideration.

However, that statement paints an incomplete picture.

Bankruptcy, used strategically, can help liberate you from suffocating student loan payments.

Our firm will help you navigate the landscape of using bankruptcy to protect yourself from your student loan creditors. Student loans are not typically dischargeable in a Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy.

If bankruptcy is appropriate in your specific circumstance, we will most likely advise you to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

This is often referred to as a “wage earners” bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 Benefits

Chapter 13 has many of the same benefits of a Chapter 7 liquidation, most significantly that it halts all creditor collection activity during the pendency of your bankruptcy (while creditors can ask a bankruptcy court to continue collection efforts during bankruptcy, these requests are rarely granted, and we will oppose any such request aggressively).

A primary benefit of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that you are permitted to keep your assets.

So long as you comply with the other requirements of Chapter 13, you can keep any assets you did not voluntarily agree to turn over as part of your Chapter 13 plan debt restructuring plan.

Your Chapter 13 plan will enable you to restructure your student loan payments in a way that is manageable to you.

Bankruptcy law requires that creditors engage in good faith mediation as you seek to restructure your debts and seek to pay them in a manner that is realistic to your circumstances.

More Tips

Because student loan creditors frequently try to skirt their duty to engage in good faith mediation, our lawyers will aggressively defend your interests to ensure no creditors breach these duties at your expense.

Blue Bee Bankruptcy lawyers have assisted numerous individuals in restructuring their student debts, helping them breathe easier as they seek to reorganize their life without student loan repayment hamstringing their financial capacity.

We will do the same for you.

We Can Help

Finally, even if you do not feel comfortable about filing bankruptcy, our legal team may still be able to help you restructure your student loan repayments.

Involving an experienced bankruptcy attorney frequently causes creditors to act in better faith, and come to more reasonable agreements, than they would without an attorney present.

If you do not want to file bankruptcy, we can still help you restructure your debts in a way that will paint a brighter and more manageable financial future.

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